ACC and Me Book

Did you know there is a book for kids
about ACC?

It's true AND it's adorable too. I have
a copy of the book for my own child,
Matthew, who has complete Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum.

ACC and Me is a children's book about a
10 year old boy who has Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum (ACC).

The book is illustrated in beautiful,
colorful drawings and explains what the
corpus callosum is in simple, easy to
understand language.

ACC and Me is a perfect teaching tool
for your child's classroom to help
inform and educate your child's teacher
and classmates about ACC.

ACC and Me is written by Kathryn J. Schilmoeller
and Lynn K. Paul and is illustrated by
Cindy Mauro Reisenauer. All three women
have experience with ACC.

Kathryn J. Schilmoeller, writer, is the
co-founder of the ACC Network as well as the
mom of a grown son with ACC who is high

Lynn K. Paul, writer, is the Director of the
Corpus Callosum Research Program at Caltech
as well as the founding President for the
National Organization For Disorders of the
Corpus Callosum. (NODCC).

Cindy Mauro Reisenauer, illustrator, is the
mom of a grown child with ACC.

If you don't have your own copy of ACC and Me
and would like to order the book you can
find out more information below:

How To Get a Copy of ACC and Me:

You can get a free copy of the ACC & Me book by
registering as a first-time member of the NODCC
(National Organization for Disorders of the
Corpus Callosum). The book comes as part of the
welcome packet. There is no fee to join, however,
they do accept donations of any amount.

Register and
become a member of the NODCC online
by E-Mail.

If you already have the ACC & Me book but
would like additional copies, the NODCC
asks for $10 for each additional ACC & Me
book plus shipping.

Order a copy of the ACC & Me

PMB 363
18032-C Lemon Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Phone : (714) 747-0063
FAX : (714) 693-0808

Note: Please be advised that the books are no
longer available through The ACC Network. The
ACC & Me book is only available through the
National Organization for Disorders of the
Corpus Callosum - (NODCC).