Why 2009 Bit.

Someone once posted that there's no WAY a person could hate an entire year.

Oh, wanna bet?

We ended 2008 with a NICU stay and a stressed out mother- me. Literally the first few weeks into 2009 we met with Sainted Realtor and began the process of putting the house on the market. Georgie was still in newborn clothes when we packed up the pod unit. Around Camille's third birthday, we offically put the house on the market and were house hunting by Valentine's day, when Georgie was 2.5 months old.

House hunting was VERY stressful and we delt with so many morons it wasn't even funny. If you think keeping a house immaculate with three small children, leaving at the drop of the hat so other people could view, and not buy, your house, is easy... you don't have kids. I had to diaper, change, feed, entertain them all out of the house while bathing, washing clothes/diapers and clean up all at night. It sucked.

Moving itself wasn't so bad but, yes, stressful. I was sick when we moved in and had to unpack with a fever and chills. Then you have to get RID of all the packing material. Plus, it was a new area so we had to find new friends, new grocery stores, new shopping, schools, a parish, etc.

Of course, we traveled and traveleing with three kids is not a vacation, esp when they are back to back with school starting as soo as you get home.

As soon as we found ourselves in a new routine, I discovered I was preg which is hard on my body, tiring, and stressful because I was scared of another NICU baby.

The first year after the NICU is the hardest and THANK GOD that is over. I won't rehash that.

Then there is the whole mess with my sister being a jerk.

There is NO WAY 2010 can be that stressful. Yes, we will be adding a baby to the mix but I know the baby stuff. I even know the NICU stuff. The stressed of fixing up a room for him, decorating the house and loosing weight post baby are small compared to moving and hospitalizations. Unless something INSANE happens, 2010 is looking to be alot less stressful than 2009!