ACC-Listserv E-Mail Support Group

Finding support from other people who know
from experience what it's like to walk in your
shoes is an absolute blessing!

Join the ACC-Listserv

The ACC-Listserv is an e-mail support group
that was created by Gary and Kathy Schilmoeller
who are also the co-founders of the ACC Network.
They have two grown sons, one of which has ACC.
The ACC Network is the first place I received
information about ACC from back when my son,
Matthew, who has complete Agenesis of the
Corpus Callosum, was very young.

After many years of helping people all over
the world, The ACC Network is no longer operating.
However, they still have the ACC-Listserv
E-Mail Support group available to anyone who is
interested in joining in on discussions about
various topics concerning ACC.

The ACC-Listserv is a place where you can
address your concerns, fears, worries, where
you can ask questions, share victories,
achievements, share your thoughts and feelings
and receive support from others who understand.

It can put you in touch with hundreds of
people all over the world who can relate
to you.

It could be a great way to address your
concerns, questions and receive a variety of
input, tips, suggestions from many parents
who are also dealing with specific areas of
concern that you are dealing with.

If you are the parent of a child who has
ACC, an adult who has ACC, the caregiver of a
person who has ACC, a therapist, teacher,
grandparent, family member or anyone else,
I encourage you to consider checking out
the ACC-Listserv. Everyone is welcome to

Join the ACC-Listserv