Big Kids

It dawned on me the other day that Joseph is getting too old for our usual haunts- Wonderscope, mall, DeAnna Rose all that. He likes them well enough but gets bored if a friend isn't there. I understand- when you've been going some of these places every month since you were 18 months old (or younger) it gets old. Fast.

The problem is I have three younger children who LOVE these areas.

The other problem is that there is one of me, four of them and they still have to go places with me.

I want and NEED to respect Joseph as an older kid. I always had to do things my younger siblings wanted and I didn't like it. They all love animal movies (think Milo and Otis) and I don't. I don't like them. I didn't enjoy going to toy stores once I was beyond ten.

Joseph's going to have to do some of these things because he does have younger siblings and we're a family and we do things together. However, it's not fair or right for him to always have to watch Playhouse Disney but never "crab fishing" (Deadlist Catch).

I'm trying to find a balance now. Adam suggested that I invite one of his friends to come with us when we go to the mall or Wonderscope. That's fine but in two months I won't have an extra seat in my car. We do have lots of friends over to play, though.

So, I'm on the hunt for things Joseph can do that the littler ones won't be able to destroy/main/get kicked out of/ be bored/have to sit in their stroller the whole time. I think he's going to go to a camp this summer. I know he's doing baseball and karate.

The juggling begins...