Camille's ENT appointment

(I was going to call this "The One Where My Sister Keeps Screwing Us Over" but that's too bitter and cynical even for me!)

We all had dental appointments in Decemeber and the dentist noted that Camille had HUGE tonsils and told us to talk to her doctor. I did and he said that unless she was super sleepy during the day, snoring loudly, etc we wouldn't worry. I told him we noticed mild snoring and she's always been a poor sleeper so we would keep an eye on it.

Lo and Behold, a week later I go to a conference with her teacher and she meantions Camille has been sleepy at school since about, oh, Dec! I call the doctor who refers us to an ENT.

I was nervouse because this is Camille, right? And who knows how she is going to act! SHe's been known to go crazy at the dr. I have no idea who this guy is and have no references on him... we'r'e flying blind, people, and at a dr's appointment when you are crunched for time... oh.

The day started off... not well... with us getting to her dance class only to find NO tights and NO tap shoes and NO leotard in the bag! I was pretty MAD and we went right home. (I think the tights/leotard got put in the wash late and the tap shoes got left AGAIN at dance.) My dread o' meter was pretty high.

Thankfully, the office was fairly empty and we were taken right back. After waiting a grand total of TWO minutes, the dr walks in and says, "Did you have an appointment last week?"

"Yes, and I'm sorry I forgot to cancel. I completely forgot about the appointment!"

"Oh, its okay. I just remember seeing her name on the list and thinking how much I liked it. Camille is such a pretty name and you don't hear it very often. I lived through Hurricane Camille but it's still a fairly popular name in the south. Have you heard of the Camilla (sp?) flower?"

Okay, seriously, what a way to sucker your way into a mother's heart! He was so kind and gentle to her and she warmed up to him right away. He was pretty down to business but also calmed her and told her that looking in her ears wouldn't hurt and did alot of the exam with her sitting on my lap.

Her ears look fine but she does have HUGE tonsils and adnoids. We both think we're looking at surgery in the future but not now. I asked about the long term implecations of removing them; he said that they take out the tonsils, etc but there is tissue they leave behind so that part of the immune system still works.

How did my sister factor into this? When Lena was in kindy, they found a hearing loss. At the time, my parents were told that it was due to a fever she had as a baby. When Vincent was born, they were told it is highly likely she has always had a hearing loss and that is WASN'T due to the fever. With this in mind, plus some (minor) speech problems she has, Miss Cami has an audiologist appointment next Friday. We should know by then if she is ignoring us or not!