37+3 and still waiting :)

After having a fabulous weekend, I'm pretty tired today. Not more tired than last week but tired. I'm sleeping okay at night, maybe waking once to use the bathroom, but I am still exhausted when 6:00 am rolls around. Today was another swimming day and I didn't go. I just really needed to sleep. It's not that I can't swim but the early hour has finally gotten to me. I think I'm done getting up at 5:15 am to swim for now.

Sometimes I wonder why the heck I'm so sleepy. I've been pg for nearly two years straight, so I guess I forget the toll it takes on a woman's body. I mean HELLO! I've got a 5-6 pound baby kicking away in there, 40 extra pounds and three other active kids. Why shouldn't I be tired?!

Today was a pretty typical day. I don't know if I am awed or scared by the amount of work I get done before 8:15, when we leave to walk for school. Not only am I showered, dressed, hair done (well, dried) and make up on, but I've made breakfast for the kids, thrown in a load of laundry, cleaned up b'fast and the kitchen and today I vacuumed G's room. After walking 1/4 mile to school and back, I finished the diapers, made and cleaned up snack, played with the two at home, read some stories and made chocolate granola bars.

After picking up Joseph (again, another 1/4 mile there and back), we had lunch, took Camille to preschool and I cleaned up from lunch. Joseph watched TV while I tried to get G to nap but ended up napping in the recliner in his room. It wasn't a GOOD nap and I was still pretty tired.

We read Joseph's school books, got Camille, I cleaned up the blown-around diapers from the porach (I really need a drying rack and clothes pins) cleaned up a little and made a "lunchables" dinner. Adam took the big ones to Joseph's takwondo class while I put Georgie to bed. I've thrown in another load of laundry (number 3 for the day) that included the one pair of spring pants that fits me. (Georgie smeared chocolate on them.) I've cleaned up the kitchen, run a second load of dishes in the dishwasher, started the grocery list for the week and am about to watch the Duggars and fold laundry.

Now I'm tired again....