Nina's Health Update

We went to Mayo today to meet with Nina's pediatrician and go through all the test results. Her doctor is wonderful! He is so gentle with her and he has really listened to all of our concerns.

He went through all of her blood work first. What we know is that all of her vaccines are up to date, she does not have tuberculosis, she has no STD's, no HIV, all her blood counts are normal, liver function normal, nutrient absorption normal, and she has no parasites.

Her echo actually came back showing her heart is fine (so I really did worry for nothing!)

And her aspiration report had already been shared with us as we are already doing something about it as well as having surgery. He did a great job at explaining with easy terms what Nina's surgery procedure will entail. Oh, and her surgery will be April 22!

Nina has not gained any weight, and today she was even bellow what she was last week. The doctor thinks that it will take a while for her body to get used to her new diet and lifestyle, so he said to just wait a while, and add calories to her. We are doing Carnation Instant Breakfast (and really, what kid does not like chocolate milk!) We just need to check her weight, height, and head circumference every month for six months and then see if we need to check into anything else that could be going on. We hear this is normal with older children that are adopted from oversees.

It was all great news to hear, so we are feeling encouraged. Now we can really focus on her mobility issues and she should be getting her braces on Wednesday.

Thanks for praying!