So Sweet...

The thought of sending your little one off to
pre-school evokes many emotions.

But when you are the parent of a child with
special needs the thought of your child going
to pre-school can be incredibly difficult.

I came across an oh so sweet story about a
little boy who has Agenesis of the Corpus
Callosum and a few other medical conditions
and it touched my heart.

His Mama shares from her heart how she felt
about her little one and the thought of pre-school.

Flashback Flying

By the way, go ahead and check out the rest
of her blog's filled with super
sweet stories that will put a smile on your
face and bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Celebrating the Bugg's *Special* Life

Another one of my favorites that Bugg's Mama
wrote (and I can relate to) is:

Getting Groceries With The Twins

Isn't Bugg just the sweetest little boy
with a big, happy smile?

His Mama tells the story of his birth
and finding out about ACC...

We Welcome Bugg

Thank you Bugg's Mama for sharing your
sweet stories about Bugg and your whole

I just love this beautiful's
full of love and it makes me smile.