Swings and Fun

We have had beautiful spring weather the last week. It has been wonderful to see the snow melting and revealing the sleepy grass. Ellie woke up one morning and must have looked outside the window, she came running into our room, "It is spring, it is spring! The grass is growing!"

After a morning of therapy, we came home and after taking naps we went outside for a stroller ride and a bike ride. What a beautiful day! We did not want to go back inside so we played in our back yard. We went swinging, sliding, and climbing.

This was Nina's first time in a swing! (That we know of, there was one in the orphanage but at a different baby house, so I really don't think they got her in a stroller to take her down the road to it)

As soon as we started pushing the giggles erupted from her. She giggled and giggled and giggled. Nichole was swinging too, so Nina asked me to swing with them (there are 4 swings) and Nina thought it was fantastic that all 3 of us could swing. Ellie was having fun in her "tree house" climbing up and going down the slide.

Nina and Nichole spend a lot of time together when Ellie is in school. Here they are wearing their tutus and putting crayons inside bottles. Talk about a great exercise for fine motor skills!
Sweet Ellie posing for her picture :)
And Nichole having a hard day when all she wanted to do was cuddle with daddy. For the rest of us she had a, "Noooooo!"