Andy's Birthday Cake

This year Andy's birthday fell on a Wednesday. The busiest day of the week for him, so we knew that not much was going to happen except Ellie was really excited about making him a birthday cake. I have a birthday cake book, and Ellie and Nina like to look at the pictures. Ellie decided that since daddy likes football, she was going to make him a football cake.

And this is a picture of the cake Ellie made and the picture of what the "fancy" cake looks like in the book. So we did not it to look as nice, but Ellie made it! I think she did a pretty good job for a 4 year old. Yes, I helped her with the white lines, but over all, she did a pretty phenomenal job!
She knew that doing the little details would be too hard, so she did what she knew she could do, and in my opinion, this was the best football cake ever!