Easter Weekend and Crown College

After our church service on Sunday, we drove up to my mom's house to spend Easter with my family. My sister gave each girl a wrist band of a different color, and the girls had to go and find eggs that matched the color of their wristband. So Ellie had purple, Nina yellow, and Nichole green. It was a lot of fun for the girls. Ellie also wanted to get some more plastic Easter eggs and put candy in them. I told her to put 5 jelly beans in each. To our surprise (okay, we were not that surprised) only a few had 5 jelly beans, most of them were missing one...or two...or three!

On Monday, Andy and I got to go to Crown College (where we met!) and share with the student body about our adoption journey. It was a great opportunity and Andy did a great job talking about God's adoption of us, while I cried a little when I shared. Really, I don't know that I will ever be able to share anything that is close to my heart without chocking a little.