The Physical Characteristics of Down Syndrome...

The physical characteristics of children with Down syndrome...

-Might make you rethink your definition of Real Beauty
-Might make you wonder if angels live among us
-Might take your breath away
-Might some days remind you of how scared you were when you first received the diagnosis for your child, and how much you thought about "the look" your child would have. Now, you see so much love in that child, that you cannot imagine your life without them.

These are some of the physical characteristics that are common in individuals with Down syndrome.

-The almond shaped eyes that slightly slant upwards
-The button nose due to the small bridge of the nose
-The little ears that sit slightly lower
-The tongue that sometimes likes to peek out to say hi
-The "thicker" neck

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I have noticed that most people find my blog based on searches for "Physical Characteristics of Down Syndrome." I previously wrote this post, on that subject.

If you do have a prenatal or new diagnosis of Down syndrome, you can read this post. This is where our journey began. Now I can say with full confidence that I would not trade it for anything! But at the time, I wanted it all to go away. And if you need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to contact me by asking a question, or by sending me an e-mail.