Crafty Caterpillars

Once again, Ellie, Nina and I got crafty!

(If you wonder what Nichole does during these time, she is either watching her Barbie show while singing and dancing, or she is watching a Signing Time show, occasionally running to me to yell the word and do the sign.)

We used paint, styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, glue, googly eyes, and tiny pom poms.

We cut a couple of balls in half, and then used toothpicks to secure the balls that we were painting.

Once they were all done, we had to let them dry. I did help Nina quite a bit, and Ellie only when she would ask me to get the bottom of the balls.

Once the balls were dry we cut pipe cleaners in half. We folded one of the pieces in half and rolled the top to make the antenna, then we just jabbed it on top of one of the balls. We then put on the googly eyes and used our glue to paste the pom pom nose. This was hard for Nina, but she almost got the eyes all on her own just with a little guidance. Do remember, crafts are so new to her, before we had her, I don't think she had even held a crayon before! Now she is using paintbrushes!

We used the toothpicks to connect the balls. We broke the toothpicks so only a little piece was left to each ball. I did that for both girls as I was afraid that they would poke their fingers with the sharp ends of the toothpicks.
Then we inserted the other small pieces of pipe cleaners to make the legs.

And voila! The caterpillars were ready to crawl on our awesome green carpet!
And as a final picture, here is Ellie, showing the watch she made with play-doh.

Happy crafting everyone!