Why Having Kids is Like Being in College

I was a gooood girl in college and studied hard and got (mostly) all A's so I never went to a frat party. I swear! Ask the people who knew me when!

Therefore, I couldn't exactly rip off this blog post but I can tell you how being a parent is like being in college again:

1. You can study REALLY HARD for the final, only to have the professor change the test at the last minute;
2. You routinely pull all nighters;
3. There's an off chance someone is going to be screaming in the hall at 3 am;
4. Coffee. Nuff said;
5. You become obsessed with breasts, bras and finding the perfect one;
6. You are constantly trying to get someone in or out of your bed;
7. You find your keys in the box of beer;*
8. Even if you're up all night puking, you have to get up and work the next day, no questions;
9. You find food in random places;
10. You know the names and locations of all the 24 hour fast food restaurants, Wal-Marts and drug stores for late night necessities.

*This is a true story, I swear! I have my mother as a witness!