Escape Artist

If you have small children you might read the title of this post and think "I know what you are talking about." However, if you have a child with Down might be right along with me trying to figure out what to do with your little Houdini.

Nichole is a runner. If there is open space before her, she will take off. I don't think she has any place in mind to go to, she just likes to go. We have even tried those cute little backpacks with a leash but she gets so mad about wearing them that it is better to just hold her.

The problem with holding Nichole (holding her in our arms or holding her hand) is that she has a superpower. Her super ability is what I call "noodling." It is best described by saying that all of her limbs can and will be transformed into a wet noodle and she escapes anyone's grasp!

Once Nichole noodles herself, she is gone, she takes off! Lately, she will try to the best of her ability to find "outside" and take off, and she will use "noodling" if she has to.

We are currently in Montana visiting Andy's family. Just a few days ago my mother and I were in the basement and she was helping me spray the girl's bed (night time accident.) We were in the room...I don't know, maybe 3 minutes? Nichole was dancing and singing to barbie princess and he Pauper but I realized I could not hear her anymore. I went to the family room and she was not there. I ran up the stairs hoping to find her in the living room or doing play-doh with her sisters...not there.

"Have you seen Nichole?" I asked Ellie while looking outside the window.

Right OUTSIDE Nichole was climbing down the curb and taking off running down the street! I am not a runner, but oh boy did I run fast! Yelling, "NOOOOOO!!! NICHOLE STOP!!!!!"

She saw me, but it did not face her. Oh did she get in trouble! She cried when she realized how scared I was, and I was scared, what if I had not checked on her? what if she had not been in view as I looked outside the window?

My little escape artist, one more nickname to add to the many she has had...