First day of school

Pictures to come.

Joseph started first grade today! He was so happy to go. He knows his teacher, as she was one of the kindergarden teachers last year. He only has one of his buddies from Adventure Guides in his class. I am not sure if they split the boys up by accident or on purpose! He seems very confident and in control this year. I hope it stays that way.

Getting up and off today was easy-peasy. I packed his lunch the night before and we were all up and at'em with no problems. I doubt everyday will be like this!

It was nice not having to plan my day around 11:40 pick up. We were all more relaxed and Georgie got a good nap in. A friend and I took our kids to Jumpin Jax and lunch and it was nice and relaxing.

As a surprise, my mother came in town for the week to visit the kids... and for my birthday on Monday. :) We're going shoe shopping tomorrow, since Higgins ATE one of her shoes!, and Joseph's TKD class.