Love To Read

I have always loved reading. As a little girl I read as many books as I could and my goal was to be able to read the big books. I watched "Tom Sawyer" the cartoon and I knew we had the book on our shelf. Once in a while I would pick up the book and try to read as many words as I could.

Once I could read, I devoured many of the classics, like Heidi, Little Women, and of course Tom Sawyer.

Little Women and Tom Sawyer were my favorite books. Maybe my "comfort" books. I read every version I could find in English and Spanish. I have not read Tom Sawyer for a while, but four months ago I found another version of Little Women (free on Kindle!) and I had to read it again.

I am always in search for good books to read.

I just finished "You Matter More Than You Think," by Leslie Parrot. Great book, I might have to blog about it.

I am currently reading "Hello, I Love You" by Ted Kluck. This one is turning out to be quite therapeutic as he shares his journey bringing home his two sons from Ukraine.

But I am out of "fun" book ideas.

Any suggestions? What do you like to read?