The Homeschooling Adventure

"Homeschooling? Me? Never!" This is what I would have told you if you had asked me six months ago.
When it was time to either enroll Ellie in Kindergarten or stick to the plan of one more year of preschool, it seemed like an easy choice. We did not want Ellie to be one of the youngest in her class. Personally I have never met a parent that regrets the decision of waiting, yet, know quite a few that wish they had. As a new mom in this schooling thing, we felt it was better for Ellie to do one more year and follow advice from people we trusted.
But then Ellie said she wanted to learn how to read and write just like her friends. And she wanted to do math. It was not just a little idea, she was really excited about it. But she did not want to get up early and go to school every day.
I always thought that if I homeschooled one of my kids it would be Nichole. I thought Ellie and I having such similar personalities (yes, she really does take after her mother) would fight a lot and just be frustrated with each other.
Well, after five weeks of homeschooling Kindergarten, we are loving it!
We don't push it, we just have fun. Ellie said, "I love homeschooling, it is just mommy and I and we get to work together!" She even asks for it during the weekends.
We are almost done with the alphabet (phonics) and she is doing so well with math! I mean incredibly well! And she is loving it!
I am not sure what we will do next year! Thankfully, we have a few months to figure that one out!
And what else are we doing via homeschooling? A dance class! Yes, I am a dance teacher again. And you know what else? Nina and Nichole get to be a part of it!
And we are loving it so much, that I have some stuff ordered for Nina and Nichole. Who would have known it. Me? A homeschooler?