Mission accomplished

Ellors Madak (right) has been found, and is being held, at a nearby Book City where Ben left him a couple of weeks ago. Ellors -- who teaches anyone who will pay him how to fly spaceships -- is one of Ben's beloved Star Wars characters. Ben has a habit of leaving characters in places where I can only imagine they undertake special missions. Ben has been going into amazon.com and pulling up Ellors every night to remind me that he's missing. So imagine our surprise when I called Book City last night and they confirmed that Ellors was being held at the cash and we could pick him up today. Hopefully he's no worse for the wear!

We learned today that BLOOM won bronze in the 2010 Digital Magazine Awards in the health and beauty category (not sure why they are paired together!). Our brilliant designer Sara Purves had put in an entry which was a fabulous surprise to me.

Flame is a band from upstate New York made up of people with a variety of physical and developmental disabilities. Check them out.

And finally, next Friday I'll be in Ottawa at a national roundtable on the health of parents of children with disabilities. As part of this roundtable, I'm filling out a survey on Oct. 28 (tomorrow!). I'd love your input on the following two questions:

1. What are the most important caregiver-related issues that need to be the subject of future research?

2. What needs to happen to support families of children with disabilities more effectively?

Remember, this is in relation to the health of parents! Please send me your thoughts!