Then and Now

Georgie, a few days old, under the bili lights. My mother made him the bear blankie. It's his, in his box of things I can never give away.

 One of the first times I held him. I held him at birth and managed to convince a nurse to let me hold him while he still had his umbilical lines in. This day, they had them taken out in the morning and he had to rest before I could hold him again. I went up to the NICU promptly at 7, which the night sift came on, took of my shirt for skin to skin and held him while he "nuzzle nursed." It was quite upsetting (he wanted to nurse but couldn't figure it out!) so he got his binkie to calm down. And yes, I still have the binkie too!

All dressed abd ready to eat with the feeding tube!

Car seat test right before coming home.

And now, my big two year old, train obessed boy! He's grown so much and is now a big brother. Happy birthday dude!