Whack Magnet

We have a Target near us- not a SuperTarget but a nice, clean one that is normally pretty quiet. I went there the other day to get out of the hosue and look for holiday jammies for the kids. I just had Camille, Georgie and Cole with me, as Joseph and Adam were out bowling. The kids were fine- Cami was dancing around and Cole was fussing, so I was holding him on hip, pushing the cart with the other hand.

While I was pricing some jammies, I heard a voice say, "Wow, you don't need another one, do you?" and turned to see a woman, about my mother's age, with a slight sneer on her face. Tired of all the negative comments about my family size, I said smartly, "Actually, I have another one at home." Her eyes got wide and she said, "Older or younger?"

I really wanted to say, "younger and I'm pregnant wtih octuplets," but I just said, "I have an older son." Thankfully, Camille started chattering with her about our dog, so I was spared from the... I dunno. Shock? Horror of four children?

Today I went to the mall to do some holiday shopping. As we were in the bookstore's elevator heading down to purchase our books, a woman (again, about my mother's age), looked at the three kids and said, "You have stairsteps, don't you?" I made a non-commital noise and she asked their ages. I told her and added that I have a six and a half year old also. Her mouth dropped open and said, "What do you do in your spare time?"

"Apparently, make babies!"

What.The.heck? You want a list of my hobbies?!