Cole and the Christmas Tree

Hello loyal blog reader. I am the ADORABLE Cole and this is my first Christmas. Like my tree?

And my fingers are tasty!

I am so freakishly adorable... but I have a surprise for you!

Georgie, you are seriously ruining my photo shoot!

Oh, SHINEY! What's this?

This is Santa. He's my BFF.

No, Cole, that's not the REAL Santa. And you can't play with the ornaments, unless they are trains. Then you whine and scream and cry until Mommy carries you away from the tree. Then run back, demanding to play with the train ornaments. Joseph swears if you keep it up, you'll get what you want. Joseph knows, man.

Fine, if I can't play with Santa I will EAT THE TINSLE.

Fine, won't let me eat the tinsle? The camera is MINE to drool on!

Mommy put me in the snowman outfit. Maybe it's time to learn to crawl!

Plan to get a nice photo- foiled by mobility!

SURPRISE! (Isn't this seriously like a classicly perfect photo?)

What you lookin at?

(I have so many freakishly adorable pictures of Cole that I can't pick just one... He photographs so well!)