Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas this year was the most awesome, relaxing, wonderful Christmas we have had in a long time!

Christmas Eve began with a massive house cleaning. Around 2:30, we went to stand in line at church for Mass. They close the doors and begin as soon as the church is full, so 4 pm Mass begins at 3:30. We had decent seats. I brought a bag of crayons and coloring books to keep the kids occupied. I normally don't do this and won't again. All they did was fight over the items! A friend joined us and she was in the middle of the fight. I had to crawl over people to take Cole to the back. He was in Super Tired Hyper Baby Mode- bouncing all over the place and talking. He crashed and burned right at Communion and napped for an hour or so.

My friend and I went back to our house while Adam got pizza. We had pizza and put tired kids to bed. I think Camille was awake for most of the night... and her room is right at the top of stairs. I wonder how much she heard. :(

Christmas morning was awesome! They had a great time ripping into packages. Georgie is slow to wake and he was overwhelmed, so we pulled out his present from Joe, a Zhu Zhu pet. After that, he was happy and played quietly. I spent most of the morning and afternoon cleaning up, and fishing paper out of Cole's mouth.

We had a bit of DRAMA that morning. I put our moist, gooey cinnamon buns in the oven while we opened presents. After a bit, I smelled smoke! The butter overran the pans and was burning on the floor of the oven! Our smoke alarms didn't go off! We fixed the problem quickly and opened all the door, so nothing was hurt, although we were all coughing. The smoke alarm did go off later- when Adam was cooking a ham!

Dinner was wonderful. Adam's ham was so moist it was falling off the bone. I could use my fingers to shread it for Cole. His sister and her boyfriend came over and brought the much-needed-it-wouldn't-be'Christmas without it tree cake. Annnnd she knows I am not an almond frosting person, so she left part of it not almond for me! Yay!

The night ended with a massive Nerf gun war between SIL's boyfriend and the kids. It was awesome!

Since then, we have been battling colds and sinus infections. Adam was miserable first and it was my turn yesterday. Joseph has been saying his head hurts. The babies had pink eye last week and are still on eye drops. It's a barrel of fun pinning them down for drops, let me tell you! Yuck!

Thankfully, Santa (aka Adam) surprised us all with a Wii! We've gotten alot of use o ut of it since no one has been feeling well. It has Netflix streaming on it which is the most awesome invention EVER! I've been watching movies that I have wanted to see but haven't had the time or energy to RedBox. Poor Adam- it's all hippie fair, like "The Business of Being Born" and "Babies" and "Food,Inc." Plus, the kids can watch all the movies that we don't want to pay for but they would enjoy, like Strawberry Shortcake. It's been awesome!