Nina had her First Real Haircut!

Today Nina got to have her first real haircut! When she was at the orphanage, she got her hair chopped pretty often. I don't know if she ever got to have hair cover her ears. I am also not sure who decided on the style or length. My guess is that whoever did it was not a hairdresser, and it was just a lot easier to cut the kid's hair that have to worry about washing or brushing very often.

We have been growing out Nina's hair for a year! Her hair has not grown very fast, and it was beginning to look very stringy and unhealthy, but we finally had some length to work with. So today, Nina got her first real haircut. And we assured her, that getting her hair cut did not mean she would look like a boy, and it would be really cute.

She was wiggly, but our hair dresser is fantastic!

First stop...bangs! Nina has struggled to gain weight, and her body does not seem to absorb nutrients very well. A few months ago we began to give the girls Juice Plus+ and I feel like it has made a difference. We finally began to see baby hair growing in places where her hair had been scarce. Her forehead had so many baby hairs that it made sense to get bangs, and I thought she would look so cute with bangs. I do love them, and Ellie thought they were the best part of Nina's haircut.
Isn't it cute? We got rid of all the uneven layers, and we were able to match the line where she had cut her hair a while back.

 Okay Nina, now smile at the camera!
 She was more willing to smile once we got home and she got her glasses on. If you pay close attention, you can see that she got her bifocal lenses. I think she is adjusting to those pretty well.

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