What should I ask Donna Thomson?

Some of you read my blog What is a life well lived?

It's about Donna Thomson's new book (above) where she recounts life raising her son Nicholas, now 22, who has severe cerebral palsy.

Thomson introduces us to the Capability Approach, a model developed by economist Amartya Sen. This approach defines a good life as one in which a person has the greatest freedom to choose what they do within a given set of circumstances, especially those involving adversity.

In this model, Nicholas' life playing a computer game, taking an online course or enjoying the company of his attendants from the comfort of his bed -- where he experiences the least pain -- is, indeed, freedom.

"...it is part of our job as people who love someone who is very dependent to redefine happiness and achievement," Thomson writes.

I'm excited to be interviewing Thomson -- who lives in London with husband James Wright, Nicholas and daughter Natalie. Wright is the High Commissioner for Canada in the UK.

What should I ask Donna Thomson?

You can read more about her and The Four Walls of My Freedom in this Globe and Mail interview: Disability writer Donna Thomson's clear-eyed look at the value of a life.

We'll publish the interview in the June print issue of BLOOM magazine.

So, please, post your questions! Thanks! Louise