A little girl, learning to read & Bob Books Giveaway

March 1, 2011 announcement

The WINNER of the Giveaway is:

Family H and their little girl, Violet.

Sabra let me know that her daughter put 8 pieces

of paper, numbered 1 through 8 (for the 8 entries)

into a bowl. She drew out the piece of paper with

number 6 and that represents Family H.

Sabra told me that after her daughter chose the

number....6 she said:

"This is cool to pick another child who has ACC like

me to get Bob books the same as me. I hope they help

reading with the other child."

Her mom said:

She then asked me who is number 6. I told her

I don’t know but we can check tomorrow to

see who the winner is. She was very excited about

seeing who won.


Thank you to everyone who entered.

You are going to LOVE this story!

AND the prize revealed at the end of the rainbow

I was contacted by the mom of a little girl who has

partial agenesis of the corpus callosum. I have known

the mom, Sabra, for a few years. Her daughter struggled

with learning to read and I remember when she told the

jump for joy story in the ACC support group about how

her child learned to read her first book.

Sabra enthusiastically wrote a heartfelt letter to the

Bob Books company:

"I would like to say thank you to whomever wrote these wonderful

books. I have a 6 ½ year old daughter born with congenital

hydrocephalus with a VP shunt and partial agenesis corpus

callosum. I tried hooked on phonics since this is what I had

used with my other children but she still struggled with trying

to read. She started first grade the day after Labor Day in

regular classroom with resource for language arts. She brought

home books from the library, AR books that were 0.6 and 1.0

reading level and cried because they were too hard and said

she couldn’t read. This about broke my heart when she said

this and how discouraged she was in regards to reading. When

I was in Barnes and Noble a week and a half ago to buy books

for my other children and myself, I asked the sales clerk on

what they recommended to help my daughter with reading. They

recommended your books and said they have teachers coming in

all the time purchasing them. I had never heard of these before

but I decided to give them a try and bought the first set,

beginning readers.

You have to understand this has been hard on me since we are

so big on reading. I have been working with her and trying to

find what worked for her to help her learn to read. It was

amazing and beautiful to see her little face light up and the

biggest grin after she read the first book. She currently

finished book 9 tonight and is doing amazing, we read a book

a night. She may not remember she just read that word on the

previous page but sounds it out and reads it without getting

discouraged. What helps for her is the small size of the book

and only a few words on each page. She may also struggle with

comprehension and understanding that reading a book is a story

but I know we will get there eventually. Your books have helped

us give her the confidence to read and the foundation on which

reading begins.

I will be going back to Barnes and Noble this weekend to purchase

set 2 for my daughter. Again, thank you so much for having this

program available and the insight to whomever wrote and developed

these books to give my precious daughter a chance to learn to read.

I don’t normally write comments and feedback but I am so impressed

with the books and the positive rewards, I felt compelled to send

one in regards to the Bob Books.

I now tell everyone I know including parents on hydrocephalus and

ACC online groups I belong to about how wonderful Bob books are.

I will make sure I have the money available when she is ready for

the next set."

A very happy parent in Virginia,


Bob Books Reply Letter to Sabra:

"What an amazing and wonderful letter. Thank you so much for writing.

I am forwarding your letter to the author, Bobby Maslen. She will be

thrilled to hear about your daughter's success. After all this time,

she still loves to hear about each and every child that learns to

read with Bob Books. (She wrote Bob Books over 35 years ago.) We

are so proud when we can make a difference, especially for

children that struggle.

You might like to see a video (just posted today) about how Bob

Books came to be. I hope you can tell from her face, how much

Bobby cares.


Thank you again for your very touching and heart-warming letter.

I am so glad we were able to make a difference for your daughter.”

Best, Lynn


Lynn Maslen Kertell

Author and Managing Partner, Bob Books Publications, LLC


This was a story with a very happy ending. But

that’s NOT the end...

Sabra, the little girl’s mom, also let me know that

Bob Books would like to give away a Bob Books

Set 1 Beginning Readers and a Bob Books Set 2

Advancing Beginners to a family who has a child

with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum.

Sabra asked if I would host the Bob Books Giveaway

on the ACC blog on behalf of her and her daughter.

I said…absolutely YES, with pleasure.


1 Bob Books Set 1 * Beginning Readers


1 Bob Books Set 2 * Advancing Beginners


1. Please enter only if you have a child who has agenesis of the corpus callosum or a corpus callosum disorder.

2. Only US residents age 13+ are eligible to enter (due to

licensing issues we do not ship to Canada or overseas).

3. One entry per username & e-mail.

4. Answer the following questions:

Why do you want to win Bob Books for your child who has ACC and How do you think it would help your child with reading?

5. Please include your e-mail and username in your entry so

you can be reached if you are the winner.

6. Contest winner will be randomly chosen on February 28,

2011 by Sabra’s daughter, who inspired the Bob Books

Giveaway. : )

7. Contest Begins: February 14, 2011

8. Deadline Entry: February 27, 2011 11:59 pm, pacific standard time


If you are the Winner you will be asked to give out your mailing address which will be forwarded to Bob Books who will ship your free set of Bob Books 1 & 2 directly to you.

Be sure to explore the
"Entire Family of Bob Books"...

Thank you to Bob Books for sponsoring the Giveaway

from your heart in an effort to help another child,

who has ACC, learn to read. ♥

Thank you also to Sabra for allowing me to host the

Bob Books Giveaway for you.

A great BIG congratulations to Sabra’s little girl

for learning to read. You did it!!


Thank you to everyone who entered.

*note: I did not receive any merchandise or monetary gift

for hosting this Giveaway. This Giveaway comes from the

heart of Bob Books and is the result of a mother’s joy in

hearing her child who has partial ACC learn to read for the

first time and seeing her child’s confidence level soar.