Answering some questions

How do I sign up to receive books and write reviews? I have been looking around on the website bit I can't find anything about it.....

I get my free books from Blogging for Books. It is a Waterbrook Multnomah program. Just go to the Blogging for Books website and click on the "Sign up Today" tab.

As a side note, if you notice that there are words highlighted on my posts, it means it is a link, so just click on the link and it will take you directly to the site I linked to.

I liked what you wrote about advocacy and I do think I'm still too emotional though waaay better than I was. How do you get past that?

I can only speak from personal experience. For me, time has made a difference. Also, some family and friends have shared with me that they were hesitant to say anything to me about Nichole or Down syndrome because they were afraid of how I would react towards them. I don't want that. I want to be open, to be understanding, and to be gracious. One gentle step at a time, nobody likes to be pushed in the deep end without a warning.

And that said, I know I still have room to grow!