And that sums up my week

Tonight I took Cole, Georgie and Cami to Whole Foods to buy some dairy free items for Georgie. We made it through the stores- and samples- in one piece and slipped easily into the check out lane. I loaded everything up onto the belt.

It was then that I realized my wallet was in my car.

Yup, that about sums up my week!


We got off to a rough start Monday. After a week and half of waking up every morning and playing the Wii, Joseph was NOT happy about not playing it before school. We had much whinning, crabby and gnashing of teeth on our walk to school and it wasn't just the kids. I guess I looked pretty rough because I had several moms ask me if my day had gotten better. Ah. Ops.

On Tuesday. Georgie's SLP came out. Afte hinting around about it for several weeks, she came out and said that Georgie  needs to get off diary. She recommend casein and gluten too but my house is a giant gluten-free person's nightmare. There are cheerios and pretzel crumbs on the floor everywhere and ground into our carpet, not to meantion under the booster seats, in the car... yeah, and then people begin talking about mixing flours and additivies to baked goods... and the fact that three gluten free bagels are 12 dollars... I am not doing gluten now. Nope.

So the kid, for all intensive purposes, is dairy free.

I won't do soy for him, so I bought almond milk. I found some in plastic jugs which he calls his "ba." All well and good- he knows it belongs to him. When I put the cow's milk jug on the counter, he flipped and was highly annoyed at me when I gave him his almond milk. After pitching a fit, he drank it.

We're dealing with more whinning, temper tantrums and things lately. Part of it is him being TWO and a large part is the whole non-verbal deal. I'm tired and fustrated too because not only am I trying to deal with him, the older two kids have Mouth and Attitude going on. Cole is trying to climb steps. He can get up one and then can't get down or he climbs the step to the bathtub and then falls! Of course, he gets back up and does it again and again... thankfully, our bathroom has carpet!

Yesterday I got a general mass e-mail from the school district. It had a message in it about a new open house for children with special needs and opportunities for them in the community. It specifically meantioned ASD, speech and other disorders. I know I need to go and network and get more information.... but I don't want too. I had a really rough week emotionally, going between anger, fustration and sadness. Part of it was brought on by Adam meantioning that the drs at the NICU said, "I know he looks big but he is very sick" when Georgie was admitted. That's totally different than what I was told- Oh, he's not sick.

And then, you know, there were no follow ups. Everything he's needed I have had to pursue on my own. It SUCKS. I know there are so many more kids, preemie or not, that have so many more issues that we face. But, again, those kids aren't MY kids and I am not their mother. I felt like I was told time and time again that there would be nothing wrong with Georgie, even though my research showed an increased risk for certain problems. I swear, though, if I get blown off over anything to do with his speech or sensory junk, I am going to be HIGHLY annoyed.

So, now we start with this whole dairy free nonesense and I have to remember to grab the almond milk for him or not give him a cheese bagel at Panera (after Lent). I have to chose if I just let him have mac and cheese at his grandparents or remember his own food. I think I spent about 4 dollars apiece on two bags of rice cheese that is supposed to melt like normal cheese. The coconut milk yogurt was 3 dollars for a small container and I'm not sure he'll like it! I think I'll use it for Cole if he doesn't eat it. Honestly, this dairy free, mucus free shingdig had better work and his first words need to be "thanks for the expensive food mom and dad!"

Needless to say, I think everything is dumping down on us at once and I'm just hanging in there. I hope this weekend is easy and relaxing because I don't have much energy for anything. I have a massive headache and just want to rest. But after this week, I feel like  my wallet is permantly out in the car only I can't run out to get it.