Be a Part of Something Bigger!

There are around 143 million orphans in the world today.

Every 2.2 seconds an orphan ages out of the system and are left in the streets. With no family to call their own, with no place to go.

Children with Down syndrome and other special needs are sent to institutions at age 4. Even pets in America have a better life!

Kirill, the little boy you see in the picture, is one of the 143 million orphan children. And the woman holding him? That is his mother, Tesney Davis. Tesney and her husband have been denied their request to adopt Kirill. And why? Because he has Down syndrome. The Hook family and the Moreno family are also in the same region, facing the same judge, and most likely the same answer. No.

In the Down syndrome community, adoption community, and Reece's Rainbow community, we have gathered around them in prayer, as we ask that God will change the judge's heart and say yes. It is heartbreaking to think that 3 different families might loose their children. Weather someone officially makes them a Davis, a Hook, or a Moreno, these 3 families will forever see these children as theirs. God gave them these children to love, and in their hearts, they are no different. So they are doing what all parents will do in order to save their child. They will appeal to the courts, they will try to get government and media involved. They will do whatever they can in order to get their children home...because that is what parents do. We do not give hope, we keep on going, and we try again and again if we have to.

And then I think about how lucky these 3 little children with Down syndrome are. They have someone fighting for them! They have someone that will stand up and challenge the brokenness of this world in order to bring their children home!

But... there are still 143 million orphans left.

Nobody is fighting for them

Nobody aches with love for them.

Nobody that is willing to challenge this broken world because they believe they are worth it.

Nobody to wipe their tears.

Nobody that will make them their own.

This is not just sad, this is not only heartbreaking...this is unacceptable!

Why are we standing on the sidelines! Why are we allowing these children to rot away in institutions and orphanages!

 Why are we not moved to action!

You don't have the money? Really? Is that what will keep you from saving a life? Is a child not worth more than a car? Is a child not worth a bank loan? Is your child, not worth any price you have to pay? Is the cost of adoption worth a life wasting away in a crib. Is it?

Are you afraid you will not love them as your own? Can you at least love them more than the sterile environment they will die in? Can you at least give some love. You don't think it will be fair to love them less compared to your biological children? Look at that picture, is that fair? Can you not give more than that? Sure, there will be bonding issues, sure there will be behaviors to deal with, but is it not worth it? What child is not worth fighting for?

They are worth the tears.

They are worth the frustration.

The love that grows from the trials of adoption, is a hard eearned love, and it is a love that will change you! It will expand your heart.

143 million orphans

What is your role to play?




Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Be a part of God's movement to save his children.

Pray for the Davis, Hook, and Moreno family.

Pray for the 143 million orphans.

Give to the families that are adopting, because money is not and should not be what keep anyone from adopting.

Go. If God leads, He provides. If you feel called to adopt, it is time to take action, it is time for you to go get your son, your daughter. Do not allow one more day to go by where your precious child has to spend a day lying in a crib, their days wasting away.

Our sweet Nina was one of those orphans, but she is home now, she is safe.

These are God's children, and He is looking to us, asking us, "Will you take one of my children?"

We are God's hands, we are God's legs, we are God in this world. So if we are not doing something about this, nobody will. Will you?

You call follow the Davis and Moreno blog, just click on their names.

You can visit Reece's Rainbow and learn more about adopting a child with Down syndrome and other special needs.

And you can follow Reece's Rainbow on twitter, because Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) is donating a dollar for very person that follows Reece's Rainbow on twitter. She gets it, she is making a difference with her public voice.

And please take the time to watch this video. Be moved.