Lenten Failure or St. Joseph's Success?

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(If had brain cells, I would engage everyone in a discussion on whether or not one could actually fail at Lent and if Sundays "count" for Lenten fasts.  I don't, so I'm writing this instead!)

For Lent, I gave up sweets and general junk food. Some people say that Sundays don't count for Lenten sacrifices since every Sunday is a mini-Easter. What others do is their busy-ness, but, for me, I can't go back to having creamer in my coffee or tons of cookies for one day and then go back to nothing the other six days. It's easier for me to go cold turkey and just keep it up. Plus, I want and NEED to loose weight, so I'm keeping at it.

Well, yesterday was St. Joseph's Day. We luuurve St. Joseph. Not only am I Italian and Italian's luuurve St. Joseph, we have a Joe in this house and multiple people we love named Joseph or Josephine. Plus, I mean, he's one cool dude. Out of all the people in the world, he was hand-picked to be the earthy father of Jesus! Now that's a heady responsibilty.

Our parish always has a St. Joseph's table and I love looking at it and seeing the cookies. Although I did not grow up near my large Italian Catholic family (nor did I grow up Catholic but that's another post) but something about it reminds me of my nana. I think it's the cookies.

Nana always bring us cookies from a local bakery when she visits- cookies with pine nuts, jelly, and seven layer rainbow cookies. Think "Cake Boss." We love these cookies and the familiar white box with striped twine that holds it all together. The St. Joseph Table has all of these for sale.

Due to a massive failure on my part, Adam felt like he had to buy 2 trays. (I was going to make the cookies. I had the recipes. I forgot.) The tray held the traditional cookies, along with some familiar faves like peanut butter. (Yes, I groused.) I had just one.

And then I had another.

And another.

One tray, between me and my husband, didn't make it home!

Now, our priest said that he was sure they had no calories. He said that if we gave up sweets for Lent, the St. Joseph's table doesn't count. Since all the money goes charity, I have to buy them, right? My mom said that it was my Christain duty to eat the cookies because there are starving people...uh... somewhere and we have to keep the weight of the world in balance. Right? Right.

I'm not feeling too bad since we've been doing so well and I've been walking in addition to our DVDs but MAN. We ate an ENTIRE small tray of cookies! (It was a sozen or so in total.) I guess we were feeling a little deprived?