Look at These Wheels!

Nina and I were up bright and early this morning and headed to Mayo once more. She had a sedated MRI in preparation for her rhizotomy. After that, we were able to meet with some of the Child-Life staff and they showed Nina the ICU where she will be staying for a couple of days before being moved to the regular pediatric floor. She got to bring home a doctor bag, a video, and her own doll with a hospital gown, Her doll has a Strawberry Shortcake one, and I am afraid she will be asking for a Strawberry one when she has to be there!

Early in the afternoon, she got fitted for her very own wheelchair! And she got to pick the color. Hers will be sparkly blue (it looks just like fairy dust!) The team of brother and sister were phenomenal! She has adopted 2 ids and also has adopted children with special needs! The Physical Therapist that works with them was so nice and I got to as her some more questions about the rhizotomy. Have I said before I love Mayo?

So here is what Nina's wheelchair will look like.

What is really incredible, is that they will have it ready before Nina's rhizotomy, which is only a month away!

The wonderful PT went to get a wheelchair for Nina, so that she could sit on one and see what it was like. Nina was excited to get on, and once she was sitting there, she started moving those wheels and making it go. She turned herself around, wheeled herself out of the room, and began going up and down the halls with the PT helping her figure out how to use it. The joy on her face made me fight tears. Here I had been fighting the idea of a wheelchair, thinking that a wheelchair would keep her from walking, yet what I saw was complete freedom as a little girl moved around on her own! I saw independence and a desire to be able to do even more!

So the PT said to us, "You know, there is no reason why you cannot borrow this chair until you get your own. Why don't you do that, so that by the time Nina gets her own, she will be very comfortable moving around with it."

Nina is enjoying the wheelchair, still learning how to use it, but loving the time she gets to spend figuring out.