Soup for You?

Is there someone you would love to send a fresh, home cooked meal too but they live too far away? Have a student at college who is sick and needs a little TLC? Then "A Spoonful of Comfort" is for you!

soup and cookies, cookies and soup...
 I was recently asked to do a review of "A Spoonful of Comfort"'s products. They send homemade chicken noodle soup right to your door! Yes, fresh, real, in a glass jar tied with a pretty ribbon soup! And it's GOOD!

Want to hear all about it? Then hop over to the Natural Parents Network! Follow the instructions at the end of my review and you can win some of your very own. The winner will be announced on NPN and on this blog.

Disclaimer: I was asked by "A Spoonful of Comfort" and the Natural Parents Network to review the soup, rolls and cookies. As a result, I was given the product to try. However, the opinions belong to me and my family.