The Gifst of the first week in Lent

31. A husband who challenged me to work out during Lent and has been doing the DVDs with me. We're doing the Beach Body system, from the same man who "invented" P90X. Has it been fun? Well, they don't call it a Lenten sacrifice for nothing!

32. I have also given up on sugar and junk food for Lent. I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and tea and use just plain milk. Do I miss m sugar and creamer? Well, yes, of course, but I find I am drinking less of both and saving upwards of 3 tablespoons of sugar a day!

33. This has caused people to ask if I have given up coffee for Lent. No.

34. A dairy free meat free meal with friends

35. A day spent planting herbs in repurposed water bottles.

36. My mother who sent me the magazine with the ideas in it!

37. Another preemie mom reaching her mildstone- she has now past her preemie's gestational age!

38. My snuggly bear

39. My big boy asking for books for his birthday. I am so glad he loves reading now!

40. My toddler playing more and more like a toddler every day and jargoning on and on everyday.