A Conversation with God for Women by Marcia Ford

If You Could Ask God Any Question, What Would It Be? In her book, A Conversation With God for Women, Marcia Ford addresses questions such as:

“If you love us, why do we suffer?”

“What is your purpose for me, here and now?”

“How can the Bible still be relevant?”

“How can anybody find good in tragedy?”

The questions presented in this book are real. They are the sort of questions that many of us have asked at some point or another as the storms of life and the questioning of uncertainty attack us. Some of these questions have come to us from places of deep pain, from places of grief and loss, and sometimes even places of selfishness.

For each question there is an answer from Jesus, an answer from God, and in many of the questions, there is an answer from a woman in the Bible.

I was captivated by the title of the book, because in all honesty, I dream of a day where I get to sit with God or Jesus over a cup of coffee and talk about life. During our conversation, I am sure some these questions would come up.

However, I did receive this book for free by booksneeze.com in exchange for my honest review.

When I picture a conversation with God, I picture dialogue, understanding, and connection. The writing was strong, and the Biblical and Theological foundations of the answers to the questions were also strong… but there was little conversation. I felt like there were 55 questions with short little sermons to follow. The book spoke to my intellect but not to my heart. I did not feel like I was changed or challenged after reading the book and I am positive that if I were to have a conversation with God, I would be forever changed. Ford’s “voice” for God and Jesus were weak for me, I heard her voice as if she was God and Jesus, but I had a hard time seeing God or Jesus responding in such an impersonal, matter-of-fact way.

I would recommend this book to someone that was an analytical thinker; someone that needs the facts aside from emotion. This is actually a great book for logical thinkers, as the content and writing are strong. However, I like to read what connects with my heart, something that moves me into a deeper relationship with Jesus and something that challenges my way of living. Therefore, if you are more like me, you might struggle to read through this book.

I received this book for free from booksneeze.com in exchange for my honest review.