Gait Lab Results and Rhizotomy Goals

Last week we received the "official" written documents from Nina's gait lab analysis and from the last appointment where we spoke extensively about Nina's Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.

"The gait lab study shows significant abnormalities affecting Nina's walking. These include the following:
  1. Static encephalopathy, spastic diplegia
  2. Bilateral lower extremity dynamic spasticity
  3. Bilateral hamstring contractures
  4. Bilateral gastrocnemius contractures
  5. Bilateral rectus femoris spasticity
  6. Bilateral hip adduction contractures
  7. Bilateral internal femoral torsion, worse on the left
The treatment recommended by the gait lab staff and our review is a selective dorsal rhizotomy."

And here is the section from the physical therapist.

"Goals/outcomes (to be met 6-8 weeks after rhizotomy)
  1. Nina will stand for 15 seconds independently without upper extremity support.
  2. Nina will ambulate with reverse walker, demonstrating initial contact with her heel and knee extension throughout stance phase with minimal assistance at her pelvis.
  3. Nina will sit in tailor sitting position for 10-15 seconds independently.
  4. Nina will have 10-15 degree increase in her lower extremity range of motion."
Those goals sound pretty exciting to me! So many things that we took for granted with Ellie and Nichole. Sure, Nichole took and still takes little longer to do these things, but it is not a matter of IF she will do it, as much as WHEN. With Nina, these small accomplishments are incredible! Standing independently for 15 seconds! Wow, I will tell you those 15 seconds will make me cry with joy!

And just in case you wonder what "tailor sitting" is, it is basically sitting with your legs crossed in front of you, or with your heels touching. Basically, how most children sit when they are playing.