Rhizotomy Day 4 (post-op)

Nina had a pretty sleepless night last night. It sounds like she laid in bed quietly but was awake most of the night. She has to wear her leg braces and she seems pretty bothered by them. Andy finally took them off at night. She had a melt-down in the morning, so it is pretty obvious that mornings are hard. From resting to waking up, she is having some pain. Andy arranged so that she can get her extra pain meds first thing in the morning. Other than that she is just taking Tylenol.

Nina was moved to the rehab unit, and Andy says the room is pretty big. We will have our own refrigerator and you can make this room feel a little bit more "homey."

Andy and Nina explored the hospital today, so they were out and about in elevators, halls, and I believe they visited the peds floor play room again.

Unfortunately because of the timing of her move and the fact that she really needed a nap, Nina ended up having no therapy today. Andy tried to stretch her and put her leg braces on, but eventually she was crying insisting that they hurt. They came off with a fair warning, "This is the last time we take them off, you will have to wear them every night."

Andy did say it is fun to see Nina sitting up so well and seeing her feet lay flat on her foot rest on the wheelchair, something that did not happen before (only her toes would touch and with her braces on she did not quite get them down either)

I will update again tomorrow from the hospital when I get a chance as Andy and I are switching home duties.