SDR Surgery Day

 We were up early this morning, as we had to check in at 6:15 am at the hospital. Nina did really well in the car as she held her pillow pet close. It was a gift from a sweet friend of hers from preschool, and since getting the pillow pet she has decided maybe she should marry him. I think she is easy to please!

She is loving her new sparkly blue wheelchair, and wanted to sit in it instead of having us hold her. And, to make it even better, she got a Strawberry shortcake sticker and a Belle sticker.
 Her "hat" is also strawberry shortcake, she loved it!
 She got to be a marshmallow. It is a special blanket to keep her warm, as it was important for her to be warm before the surgery.
 They gave her some medicine that really puts you out of it, so she won't remember a lot of the actual procedure. She chose daddy to go in with her, but we got a picture done before hand.
Andy said she was out in no time. Prep-time took a little over an hour, and her incision was done at 9:18 am. Please pray for the hands of the surgeon and for the people caring for her.

We have a good friend with us as we wait, and we are so thankful for that.

I will update as soon as I can.