True Mom Confessions

Friday, I took Cole upstairs to nurse to sleep while I surfed the internet. Camille was watching TV and I thjought Georgie was with her.

Just as Cole was falling asleep, Georgie came up to me, distressed. He had something all over his fingers and I thought it was peanut  butter, as his lastest trick is to eat PB from the jar with his fingers. I leaned in to lick it off...

... and in a split moment, I realized with WAS NOT PEANUT BUTTER and he was BUTT NAKED.

I dashed off to throw Cole in his crib and wipe up Georgie. He was upset because he was dirty and I was upset because HE STRIPPED NAKED and I had NO IDEA where his POOPY diaper was!

After putting Georgie in the tub, I sent Camille on a mission to find the diaper. The chica can find poop. She located said diaper in the laundry room in front of the washer. I found the clean clothes in the hamper.

Well, at least he knows where they go, right?

After calming down, I told Georgie he needs to keep his diaper on. He shook his head no. I said, "Well, if you don't want to wear a diaper, you need to do pee pees in the potty." He shook his head no.

Later that weekend, he stripped off his PJs. I also found him trying to take off his shirt to put on one of Camille's dresses. Does this mean my tot is a cross dressing stri p perr?