BLOOM one of best non-profit blogs

BLOOM is named one of the nine top non-profit blogs by Mark W. Schaefer, a well known blogger at {grow}, social media educator at Rutgers University and author of The Tao of Twitter.

Mark partnered with  Helen Brown, whose company teaches non-profits how to raise funds, to "examine more than 250 blogs from some of the largest and most important charities anywhere. We looked for the blogs that were engaging an audience, offering superb content, and aligning with the organization’s strategies."

This is what Mark says about BLOOMThis blog brought tears to my eyes. If you’re a parent, it will probably have the same affect on you. Bloom is about parenting special needs kids. It isn’t fancy. In fact it’s just on Blogger. But what it lacks in sophistication it more than makes up in courage and heart. Writer Louise Kinross has something unique and personal going on here. She has nurtured an active, loyal community and with good reason … this is blogging at its best.

I am honoured that we are recognized here and thank you -- dear readers and writers -- for enabling us to grow a worldwide community of families and professionals who share the joys and challenges of parenting children with disabilities, talk frankly about difficult subjects and celebrate our children!

I hope this is a place where you feel heard and understood. Louise