Happy Mother's Day!

For FIVE YEARS, Adam blew Mother's Day. The first year was fine- we went to Tippins and I felt like a rock star with Joseph in the sling. It was perfect.

For a few years after that, there was "no money" or Adam was laid up from surgery. (To this day, I don't know what he didn't get me a card BEFORE his surgery but alas...) Last year, he was better- we got family pictures taken and then went to Applebees.

This year, the man has LEARNED. I got a gift card to a coffee shop just as my Starbucks card ran out. He bought me a facial Groupon, which I new about, and TWO massage Groupons! You go honey! We even went out to dinner last night and used another Groupon for ice cream.

Thursday, I heard that the "Diana, A Celebration" exhibit was offering free tickets to kids under 12 with a paid adult. SCORE. The kids' tickets are 15 dollars and adults are 25... no way could I afford that! But if Camille got in free, and Adam could watch the boys and it was Mother's Day? Yes, please!

We all went down to Union Station and I asked if kids were free. The clerk said yes, so I happily pulled out my credit card. I was surprised at how excited I was. I remember Diana passing away (found out on the Internet, odd for that time period!) a nd watching the funeral. I think the Royal Family is neat but I am hardly a Royal Watchers. However, it's kinda a once in a lifetime thing and I was going to get to see it with my Princess!

Then she said, "We have a 2:30 availiable next." I said, "Okay but I can use the ticket any time today, right?"

"No, you have to be at the gates around 2 ot 2:30 to get in."

"But I checked the web site and it said that even thought the tickets are time stamped for a time, you can use them anytime during the day."

"The web site is incorrect and we are working on fixing that," she went on. I said, "Well, then," and put my card away and walked away.

Camille was upset- she woke up that morning asking to go see the princess dress. I took a photo of her in front of one of the Diana posters but I was ready to cry. How many times is Diana's wedding dress and other memoribilia going to be in my city- and at the same time as the wedding of her son? I groused that the web site was wrong even though the exhibit has been up since March. Adam pointed out that that is why Union Station is having so many budget issues- and in this day and age, you need a current, up to date web site to feed people information.

We ended up getting NY style pizza (yum!) and wandering around some shopping areas. It certainly wasn't a complete bust but I was really looking forward to that event. I love historical houses, musems and showcases but wouldn't normally spend 25 dollars on myself to see a wedding dress and other items. It was a special treat and I am bummed it didn't happen. :(

When we got home, we relaxed and Adam mowed the yard before making dinner. My stomach is bothering me and I hurt my arm but other than that it has been a lovely day!