Summer 2011- Goals

Summer Break begins next week. Joseph is full into seven year old boy attitude (aaaahhhhh!) and I predict the kids will need to be busy in order for me to stay sane! I'm looking forward to summer, though. Should be lots of fun!


1. Have the kids do "school work" 30-60 minutes a day- reading out loud, silently, some math worksheets and writing. I'm putting Georgie in this- he needs to work on his sensory diet and speech this summer.

2. Get to the pool often- either our pool or the pool at the gym with the splash park.

3. Have a daily prayer/ rosary time with the kids- and LOCATE my Rosary!

4. Get back to the 4 o'clock clean up and prayer time- see number 3.

5. In July, start swimming in the morning again.

6. Keep working out and working on loosing the baby weight. I guess it is toddler weight now, huh?

7. Take a day trip every week or two to see historic houses and Civil War battlefields in Kansas. I love old houses and eating in new resturtants or picnics; I even like visiting graveyards, which Adam thinks is totally nuts.

8. Survive!