Go learn CPR. NOW.

This afternoon, I put Cole in his booster and diced up some strawberries for him. He's eaten them a million times and done fine.

I went to the fridge to get lunch and began warming a pan. I told Camille and Georgie to get inside from the garage and gave Joseph premission to have a soda. In that time, Cole began coughing and drooling, wiping at his mouth madly. Joseph said, "He's choking" and I said, "He'll be okay," and began patting him on the back.

But he wasn't okay and began drooling more and gagging, grabbing at my shirt. I took off this tray, pulled him out of his seat and tried to finger sweep his mouth, figering he had "two fisted" his fruit and had a big mouthful. I patted his back more forcefully and then he stopped gaging and crying.

I told Joseph, calmly but forcefully, to get me the phone NOW. He said, "Do you want me to dial 911?" I said, "Yes, and then give me the phone," as I flipped Cole over onto my knee and proceeded to wack him on the back. I honestly don't think I was holding him right but I remembered where to hit. At one point, I looked at him and he was blue/grey.

It felt like hours but it wasn't long before the operator answered. As soon as I said, "My 14 month old is choking," she responded, "Okay, I'm transferring your call to fire and rescue," Cole began to cry.

They came out to check on Cole although not with sirens blazing since they heard him crying on the phone. He looked great and was breathingn fine. When I lifted his shirt, I said, "I don't think he's retracting" and they asked me if I was a nurse. Ha! I signed a form saying I was declining transport to a hospital since his oxygen was fine and they didn't think he needed follow up care.

They THINK that the fruit was big enought that it blocked his windpipe and the tube to his stomach, behind (?) his gag reflex so he couldn't gag it up. When I flipped him over and did the back blows, the food became dislogged and he was able to swallow it.

PRAISE GOD Joseph reacted quickly. The other kids were perfect while this was going on. PRAISE GOD I did not freak out and knew what to do. And a big shout out to Cole's Guardian Angel, who is probably drinking right now.

I am so glad I know CPR. I never want to use it again!