All at once

It seems like everything goes in cycles around here- money, kid behavior, household appliences staying together, medical junk- and I think we're at the beginning of a downward cycle.

The washing machine made a grinding noise the other day. Normally it "clicks" before washing and this was not a clicking noise. Seven years, multiple loads a day and a new belt last winter... I suppose it's time. Still, we don't want or need the added expense of a new washing machine right now. I don't have the time or energy to research which machine we want although I would prefer a red one. (and a bigger laundry room! And multiple machines!)

We just bought a new kitchen table

and eight new chairs. We plan on hosting the holiday events for the extended families now, so we wanted and needed more space. This is the table without the leaf! I'm so happy. We got just the table we wanted for under budget.

Of course, this is on the heels of an impluse buy (and I never impluse buy) at the Our Lady of Snows shrine. I added to my nativity and bought two small statues. One because the kids recongized it and it the patron of our parish and another because I just love it. (It's Mary, the infant Jesus and a Lamb... bonus points to those of you who know why I love this so much.) I got a small "sheepfold" and six sheep for the Nativity, plus two sheepdogs. I already have shepards. And, yes, there are six sheep for the six memebers of our family and the sheepdogs are in honor of an article written about members of our armed services.

To add to the money cycle, both kids are doing a summer camp in a few weeks and we have three kids to buy school supplies for! Always fun (I love the smell of new crayons) but that, coupled with sign ups for fall activities, we take a good hit in August.

On the same random tangent, I got a call a few hours before Georgie's speech appointment. Our SLP spent the weekend in the hospital with bleeding. She's barely 24 weeks, so her little girl needs to stay put for quite some time. She is fine and the baby is fine but bleeding is no bueno dude. We took a week off because we were on vacation and now a week off because she is on bed rest.... we will know this week if she is cleared to work.

Adam and I talked and I said that if we can get Georgie into preschool in August, then I am fine with him not having a new SLP. It's not ideal, but a few weeks break will give me some time to mess with the insurence company and call other SLPs for more therapy. We're also working with his new iPad. He loves the Animal Sounds flashccards and the talking Carl app. I need to make more use of the free ASL apps I downloaded. I know alot of signs but I need to work on finding and using more.

The kids are... kids. Joseph is seven. Someone warned me sevenis brutal. Yeah. It is. He has mouth. Mouth needs to go away. Of course, Camille picks up on it. Then Georgie wants whatever Joe has, which makes Joseph mad. All this is understandable. Believe me, Adam and I GET IT. (In fact, we regalled the children with stories about what our younger siblings did to us... Now Camille asks for them. I am sure she will repete them to her realtives... but they are all true!) He's constantly asking for friends to come over, but when they do, all they seem to do is fight or argue. I try to have something set up for them to do or several ideas. I even spend most of my time wrestling his brothers and sister away fromt he play date but nothing seems to help. All the tips from other moms are all things we are doing! I guess we just have to weather through it but the little stinker has already informed me it is the worst summer ever because he has to clean his room/can't have a friend over when he wants/ doesn't get candy every day/ isn't getting the pizza he wants/ etc... between him and the others I'm pretty exhausted.

Keep on truckin... keep on truckin...

Except, you know, we're in the middle of a never ending heat wave, AKA "The MidWest in the Summer." It is brutal out there. Too hot ot go to the pool. Our house is in the sun so the AC struggles to stay around 80. Adam is seriously thinking of dropping alot of money on mature trees. That, of course, brings us back to number one...

Speaking of school and money and all things related, we just got word of a family reunion in 2012. My cousin and I have been trying to plan one for awhile. My aunt went ahead and just did it, thankfully! We're looking at a 17 hour car ride... not that we mind, terribly. I just sometimes wish people would visit me rather than us visiting them... and us visiting is going ot get harder and harder.

WHEW! I'm tired typing this all up. Tomorrow is a full day, with Gymboree, taking the car to the shop and several other big things. I hope this heat breaks soon, as it is not helping!