High-needs parenting: It takes a mental toll

I recently posted about a study of dads of young adults with autism who had high rates of clinical depression and were pessimistic about their child's future: Dads and depression. I was surprised that we didn't get a single comment.

Last night I was reading some blogs I follow and was struck by these two parents who recount the psychological toll of parenting a child (or children) with complex needs:

I've lived in fear for the past 3 years (this is an amazing blog by one of Holland Bloorview's family leaders, Cheryl Peters).

It seems that depression and anxiety are part of the package of raising a child with complex disabilities. One study of moms of youth with autism likened their stress level to that of combat soldiers.

I think the mental-health impact of raising children with disabilities in our culture is a bit taboo and minimized.

What do you think? Louise