She Makes Me Giggle

Yesterday, Ellie and I had one of those times that are special between a mother and a daughter. We were telling stories and dreaming about the future. We giggled and laughed hard at Ellie's stories of what life will be like when she is a grown up, which for her it means she will be 18. She already knows who she is going to marry and what will happen when they see each other again...when they are 18. And when they get married, they will both change their names. She will be Rapunzel, and I am sure you would have never guessed her husband will be named Flynn Rider. Then, they will act out the movie. Oh, and she will "paint" her hair yellow.She is only 6 years old and her stories are silly and funny, yet, what I loved about it was that she was sharing those with me. I want us to always have this. I want her to always know she can come to me and share her dreams, no matter how silly they might be. I want us to giggle and I want to be a good listener. I want her to value our relationship, and for her to value what I have to say. My relationship with Ellie is precious. She is a special little girl, with a heart full of love, joy, and acceptance. How blessed I am to have her as my own.