Weekly Menu Plan

I don't post it often, but I do menu plan every week. In the summer, I also plan for lunch, although that is very flexible. Since someone on NPN asked, here it is:

Breakfast is always toast, bagels, or cereal.

Lunch: sandwhiches, lunch meat rolls ups
Dinner: hamburgers, whole wheat buns, toppings, sliced cucumber, sliced zuchinni, sweet corn on the cob

Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: chicken and zucchinni skillet

Lunch: hot dogs/ peanut butter and honey
Dinner: pool party for baseball

Lunch: mac and cheese/ hot dogs
Dinner: sausage, pasta and veggies (chicken, cheese and spinach brats, cooked, and tossed with pasta and veggies from our garden)

Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: frozen pizza for the kids and Chipolte for us. It's date night to see Harry Potter!