Brody's Light

A few days I shared with you that we all need "The Brodies In This World."

Brody is a young man with Cerebral Palsy and an intellectual disability that comes to our church and joins us for our Awana program. Last Sunday, we all worked on memorizing John 3:16. Watching Brody's excitement was something I cherish.

But the story does not end there.

Brody, who by this world's standards might seem broken, is spreading God's word and shining his light.

Brody is determined to share this verse with everyone he knows. Everyone. A few days ago, one of Brody's workers asked Sandy to please write down the verse Brody is trying to recite, so she can help him memorize and practice the hand motions. Brody meets with his friends, and he has something to teach them, a verse he learned at church. Brody gathers with his family, and he makes sure they all listen to John 3:16.

The word of God, His promise, His sacrifice, shared by a young man that some might believe has little to contribute to society. Brody's light is shining. He is sharing the message. People are listening. His contribution might just be one of eternal relevance, and I just picture Brody standing before God when he hears, "Well done!"

It humbles me. I have much to learn from Brody.