Conversations and Horses

Today was a big day for Georgie. We had Gymboree in the morning and hippotherapy in the afternoon. We had only a little over and hour after Gymboree was done and before horse riding began, so I took the little boys out to lunch.
I asked Georgie where he wanted to go. He shook his head "no" at McDonald's. I said, "Do you want to go get some chickens?" and he said, "Moooo."
"You're silly!" I laughed. "Chickens don't say mooo! What do they say?" He made a passible "bwak" and then said, "Mooo." I laughed again.
Well, when we got to Chik-Fil-A, he pointed to the door and said, "Mooo." What is on the door at CFA? A COW.

LIGHTBULB. "Oh! You're right! At CFA, they have COWS and the COWS say moo." He gave me a look that said, "Duuuuh Mom."

Georgie David -1. Mommy- FAIL.

After a snafu at CFA (we got our food late) we headed out to ride horses. Georgie was not happy when I took him away from the cats and cried. He refused to wear a helmet and fought the "belt" but they insisted. I finally just had them put him on the horse and I went to grab Cole from the car. (The car is right outside the open barn, so I could hear and see him; he was sleeping.)

Georgie being George cried for a little bit and then he relaxed.... and was clearly enjoying himself but pouting because he didn't want us to know he was having fun! It took a grand total of five minutes before he was relaxed, holding onto the handle... and talking! He was talking to people he had only met once before! It was awesome! He pointed out the other horse, put rings on a stick and played basketball!

I met another mother with a little boy with CP. She sang the praises of horse therapy. It's nice to meet other moms of kids with challenges. Her little boy had just started school too, at the same program (but at a different school) as the one Georgie will go to. She said she loved the program and her kid is doing really well.

Camille had a rough moment at TKD today. I always tell her to put her uniform and belt away. She doesn't. Today she dragged her feet, didn't get ready in time and couldn't find her stuff. She was out of uniform for class and embaressed. I felt bad for her. But, I don't recuse the kids; they  need to learn on their own to be responsible. I try to set her up for success but... ya gotta fail sometime.

Joseph is thinking of running for student council. Should be interesting, esp with meetings at 8 am twice a month! Adam said he would take him to school in the mornings.

Speaking of mornings and days, I need to blog about our Large Family Logistics Change-Up. It's going pretty well! We have a nice and easy routine to our days. It helps that the weather is cool and really feels like fall. We are outside so much more. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, so I guess fall is really here!