Good news

Ben has a new supply SNA supporting him at school. I asked him how things were going socially for Ben:

"Socially, the other kids are amazing with him! There are a handful who always say hello, ask for high-fives, and try to get his attention when we walk down the hall. I leave him with the other students from the deaf program in the lunchroom. They have made their own section in the lunchroom and they have always made a welcoming show to Ben when we enter. He sits with them, and I sit at the other end of the lunchroom. I tell him that I'm there, even though he may not see me. Once in a while I will look to see if everything is okay. Each time, he seems to be included with the other students. Having this space away from me gives Ben the opportunity to create his own identity with the other students, and make their own bonds and friendship -- everything that a teenager is all about."