It's Almost Time

October is fast approaching, which means it is almost time for Down syndrome awareness month. It will be the 5th annual "31 for 21 blog challenge." Bloggers are encouraged to blog every day for the month of October about Down syndrome.

I am not sure that I can commit to blogging every day. There are many bloggers who will be taking up this challenge, so the message will be shared. However, I do want to take the opportunity to share more about life with Down syndrome.

A few years ago my friend Gillian used the month of October to share her personal story. I loved her posts and reading about her journey. So this year I will be following Gillian's footsteps and writing about our journey with Down syndrome, starting with the pregnancy. We will see how that goes!

But like in years past, I invite any questions you have about down syndrome and I will answer those in a blog post. You can ask anything specific to Down syndrome or about our family as we do life with Down syndrome.

I am excited! Let the October fun begin!